Dragon Ball Super: Broly Trailer Shows Goku, Vegeta, Broly as Kids

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Dragon Ball Super: Broly Trailer Shows Goku, Vegeta, Broly as Kids


The staff of the Dragon Ball Super: Broly film unveiled a new trailer for the film at New York Comic Con on Friday. The trailer shows Goku, Vegeta, and Broly as kids, and also shows their respective fathers Bardock, King Vegeta, and Paragus, as well as Goku’s mother Gine. Gine has not yet appeared in any Dragon Ball anime.

The panel showed the trailer in both Japanese and English.


The film will open in Japan on December 14 after a world premiere event at Nippon Budokan on November 14. The English dub will have its world premiere at the TCL Chinese Theater in Hollywood on December 13, and then open in the United States and Canada on January 16.

Dragon Ball creator Akira Toriyama is writing the script and designing the characters. Tatsuya Nagamine (One Piece Film Z) is directing the film, Naohiro Shintani is serving as animation director, and Kazuo Ogura is serving as art director. Norihito Sumitomo is composing the music, Rumiko Nagai is the colour designer, Naotake Oota is in charge of special effects, and Kai Makino is the CG director. Toei is distributing the film in collaboration with 20th Century Fox.

Bin Shimada is returning to the role of Broly for the film, and Katsuhisa Houki is joining the cast as Paragus. The film will add two original characters: Chirai (voiced by Nana Mizuki) and Remo (voiced by Tomokazu Sugita).

Vic Mignogna and Dameon Clarke will return as the English voices of Broly and Paragus, respectively, and Chris Ayres will play Frieza.

Sources: ANN

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